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All About Pipe Markers

All About Pipe Markers

Pipe markers provide a quick way for employees, contractors or emergency workers to identify the contents of a pipe. The requirements for pipe markers are covered by Australian Standard (AS) 1345-1995 Identification of the contents of pipes, conduits and ducts. 

AS 1345-1995 describes a pipe marker as either a printed label which can be affixed to a pipe or the equivalent colour and information printed directly onto the pipe.

When selecting pipe markers, it is important to ensure you have correctly answered the following questions:

- Does your pipe maker display the correct wording (in either black or white text) that indicates the contents of the pipe and, if appropriate, any especially hazardous aspect of the pipe? 

- Does your pipe marker contain a rectangular colour identification block (in the preferred colour) which is large enough to fit the wording? 

- Does your pipe marker have a contrasting border around the colour identification block with a chevron within the border to indicate the direction of flow in the pipe?  

- Is your pipe marker the correct size with reference to the diameter of your pipe?

 At, we stock a wide range of standard pipe markers in small, medium and large sizes. Feel free to browse our range or, if you cannot find what you are looking for, contact us for a customised quote.