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Flammable Signs

Properly displaying your hazardous materials and flammable signs is important for not only Australian Standards compliance but the overall safety of your workplace. 

 If your business works with, stores or handles flammable materials, you must install a flammable warning sign. At Safety Signs, we stock a wide selection of flammable material signs and other workplace safety signs to ensure your workplace stays safe and compliant. 

High-Quality Flammable Signs

Improper warning signage in a workplace can lead to safety accidents and can pose a significant threat to staff, customers and visitors. Our flammable liquid signs and flammable gas signs ensure that everyone in the workplace is aware of potentially dangerous goods and can take appropriate action to ensure the safety of these items. 

Our danger-flammable liquid signs are made with high-quality materials and designed with durability in mind, so they can withstand the daily operations of your business, regardless of how rigorous they are. Their bright colours and large format ensure they are clearly visible and that proper care is taken by everyone in your workplace. 

Hazardous Signs for Your Business

Our collection of signs features several hazardous signs, including voltage, dangerous goods, dangerous activities and more. We also offer custom signage services to ensure the unique needs of your business are met. For more information on any of our signs, or to find out which of our products is best suited for your business, contact our team today.