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Fire Warning Signs

Fire hazard signs are extremely crucial for your property. They can not only save countless lives if a fire hazard were to occur but can also prevent enormous property damage. Displaying fire hazard warning signs correctly is essential for not only the safety of your property and everyone within it, but for compliance to Australian Standards as well.   

Australian fire warning signs have two distinct categories. Signs for averting fires lead people to know the necessary procedures to prevent fires, as well as marking and forbidding actions that can cause hazards. The second category of fire safety signs consist of information that guides people to exit routes and point to where anti-fire equipment is held. 

Superior Quality Fire Safety Warning Signs

Insufficient fire safety signs on your property can produce unnecessary risks during a fire hazard. Our vast collection of fire warning signs are made with high-quality materials and designed with resilience in mind, to remain secure in times of need. Our extensive collection of fire warning signs include prohibition signs, warning signs, safe condition signs, fire exit signs, fire equipment signs, mandatory signs, supplementary communication signs and more. 

Fire Warning Signs for Your Property

Fire hazards are particularly dangerous events that can destroy property and take lives extremely fast. The best way to ensure your staff and customers are safe and your business is protected is by following fire safety regulations, obtaining the correct signage and displaying them in their proper locations. For more information about any of our products, including our custom signage services, be sure to contact us today.