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Eye Protection Signs

Eye protection signage will help you classify areas of your workplace that require personal protective equipment (PPE) for your eyes. Appropriately displaying eye protection signs are not only necessary for the safety of everyone at your worksite, but also crucial for adhering to Australian Standards compliance. 

Essential Eye Protection Signs

If your workplace has hazardous areas where eye protection must be worn, you must use eye protection signage. Mandatory signs are necessary visual reminders to protect yourself against an array of potential hazards like airborne particles, radiation, vapour, projectiles and splashes from chemicals. Common uses for this sign include medical zones, research facilities, forestry, manufacturing, welding, mining, hospitals and much more. Eye protection signs usually include the word must in the message, as protecting your eyes with PPE is very important. 

Durable and Superior – Quality Signs

An inadequate eye protection safety sign in your place of work can create unwanted disasters. By not abiding by proper eye protection signage constraints, your staff and visitors can be put in substantial danger. Our superior eye protection signs ensure that everyone in the vicinity is aware of the hazardous area. The eye protection signs we make are created with durability in mind. They are made with high-quality supplies to endure the harshest workplace environments. 

Our vast collection of mandatory signs feature not only eye protection signs, but also many other dangerous conditions such as head protection, breathing apparatuses, supervision and beyond. We also offer customised signage services for your businesses unique needs. For more information about Safety Signs, contact us today.