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Do Not Touch Signs

Do not touch signs are a type of safety sign that are used to warn individuals not to touch or handle certain equipment, machinery or substances. These signs are typically used in environments where there is a risk of injury or damage if the prohibited activity is performed. 

Do not touch signs are often used in conjunction with other safety signs, such as warning signs or danger signs and they can be found in a variety of settings, including laboratories, manufacturing facilities, and construction sites.

Styles of Do Not Touch Signs

There are several different types of please do not touch signs available, each of which is designed to communicate a specific message. Do not touch hot surface signs prevent hazardous burns from occurring. Do not touch hazardous material signs are used to prohibit the handling of hazardous substances or products, such as chemicals or radiation sources. Warning do not touch electrical equipment signs can be used in combination with voltage signs to prohibit the handling of dangerous electrical gear.

High-Quality Signs for Your Workplace

Each of our signs is made of exceptionally durable materials and are designed to withstand the demands of a rigorous work environment. By displaying adequate safety signs, you can help prevent accidents and injuries in the workplace and ensure a safer environment for everyone.

Contact us today to discover more about do not touch signs and other safety signs for your business.