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Confined Space Signs

Confined space signage is essential for businesses working with potentially dangerous spaces. They can help you distinguish zones that need an authorized certification or a permit for entry while ensuring the security and compliance of your workplace.

If your place of work has a hazardous confined space that is potentially life threatening, you must use a Danger Sign. For other non-life threatening confined spaces, a Warning Sign can be used. These signs also communicate that essential confined space PPE (personal protective equipment) such as gloves, eye protection or hearing safety gear must be worn. 


High Quality Confined Space Signs

Inadequate confined space signs in a workplace setting can cause safety catastrophes. Without abiding by confined space signage requirements, staff, clients and guests at your place of work can be put in significant danger. Our high-quality confined space signs guarantee that everyone in the area is conscious of the prospective hazardous space. 

Our confined space signs are created from high-quality supplies and are made strong to tolerate the roughest workplace operations. For workplaces that require multiple signs, our danger confined space stencils are reusable and ideal for parking lots and worksites to communicate important information to guests. 

Danger Signs for Your Workplace 

Our extensive collection of danger signs features not only confined space signs, but an array of other hazardous conditions such as acid, voltage, blasting and security signs and more. We offer customisable signage services as well, as some circumstances require unique and require distinctive communication. 

For more information about Safety Signs for your workplace, contact us today.