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Asbestos Signs

When working on or near locations where asbestos is found, appropriate asbestos safety signs must be displayed. As one of the most prevalent dangers faced by building sites and housing in Australia, coming in close contact with asbestos can cause an array of health problems, including lung cancer.


There is stringent legislation in place about the proper use of asbestos signage in Australia. Danger and warning signs must be displayed in any place where asbestos has been found or thought to be nearby.   

High-Quality Asbestos Danger Signs

As asbestos can release spores, the areas in which asbestos signs should be displayed can vary from small to wide-scale depending on the hazardous area. As such, this may require displaying signs in locations where common wear and tear is typical. Our asbestos danger signs are made with the highest quality materials, and are able to withstand harsh external factors while also displaying important and necessary safety information. 

For greater visibility, we produce high-quality barrier tape, manufactured from a reusable 100 micron polyethylene for a fast and simple solution for barricading restricted areas which are not to be entered.

Asbestos Signs for Your Business

Displaying asbestos safety signs is crucial to protecting your staff and visitors from potential harm. At SafetySigns, we stock a wide range of asbestos signage that will allow you to follow Australian Standards while protecting your business. We also offer custom signage services for businesses with more unique needs. For more information about any of our products, contact us today.